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Parish Church & Chapel

The Parish Church of Eschenlohe

Saint Clemens is one of the most beautiful churches of the Loisach Valley. It was set up between 1764 and 1782 by Franz Anton Kirchgrabner according to the design of the famous Baroque builder Johann Michael Fischer.

The harmonious and festive interior design is the result of the work of famous artists: The Tirol painter Johann Jakob Zeiller created the fresco of the choir, which represents the story of the church patron Pope Clemens. The ceiling was painted by the Augsburg painter Ignaz Paur.

Johann Baptist Schmon placed the ordeal of Saint Clemens in his painting in the high altar in front of the city scenery of Hamburg. The reason for this was a generous donation by the Eschenlohe inhabitant Johann Anton Eurl, who had gained respectable wealth as a merchant in the remote hanseatic city.

In the past few years, the parish church underwent a radical renovation in four phases of construction. Since these complex renovation processes, which cost almost 3.3 million Euros, it has been shining in new splendor now.

Saint Nicholas Chapel

At the place where the castle used to be, Abbot Ottmar of Ettal had built Saint Nicholas Chapel in 1628 from the dilapidated tower. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the complete Loisach Valley – just like the counts of Eschenlohe used to do.

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