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Those who are looking for nature experiences and prefer small groups, and can enjoy a hard and long ascent should set out for a ski tour. The ZugspitzLand is just tailormade to get in touch with skiing on the highest standard. There are even special tracks for ascent with ski skins along the slopes of the popular Garmisch Classic ski area.

At Hausberg the Horn and Tonihütten descents are open for ski tours on Tuesday evenings and the Kochelberg descent on Thurday evenings. Advanced ski tourers can venture a tour to the view mountain. In the wintertime the Wank and Eckbauer mountains belong to the ski tour enthusiasts.

But watch out and be careful:

Uphill and downhill skislope tours are always at your own risk and responsibility. Never enter into blocked slopes, because there slopeworkers are busy with grid rope winches, which might involve danger to life. The local route instructions must be strictly followed by all ski tourers.


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