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Climbing and Mountaineering

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What a view: the stunning massif of Germany´s highest mountain peak, the Zugspitze, and the scenic jewel of the Werdenfelser Land, the prominent pyramid-shaped Alpspitze, cast a spell and mesmerize everybody in the ZugspitzLand. There are manifold possibilities in the region to experience and explore the world-famous pair.

The smooth mountain ranges of the Ammer- and Estergebirge are close to the 2,000-meter line above sea level. Far beyond, the peaks of the mountain ranges of the Karwendel and Wetterstein almost reach high-alpine terrain.
Note: The tour portal is an interactive guide through the mountain world in the ZugspitzLand, in which all mounteering and climbing enthusiasts will find what they are looking for.

For summitteers it is especially the giant mountains that have become their objects of desire. The ascent of Mount Zugspitze or the Alpspitz-Ferrata, which are classics and the highlights of many tour books, are two out of many examples for routes through the limestone rocks of the ZugspitzLand, which make the hearts of alpine climbers beat faster, but also require physical skills and proper equipment.

For those who are rather inexperienced, it might be advisable to join an alpine mountain guide who will provide them with a lot of information about flora and fauna of the ZugspitzLand as well. For those who want to take things easy, there are numerous lifts and cable cars available.

All enthusiasts who want to reach the summit of Mount Zugspitze can take a cog railway ride in comfort and style or test the new record-setting cable car!

The sight from the peak of Mount Zugspitze at a height of 2,962 meters above sea level is more than 200 kilometers on clear and fair days, and last, but not least, Germany’s only glacier can also be found here!

Since 2010, visitors of the "AlpspiX" have had the opportunity to enjoy the mountain world in a most spectacular, but hazard-free, way. The two steel viewing platforms loom into the air at the station terminal of the Alpspitz cable car – 1,000 meters above the precipice. Higher feelings with Zugspitz view!

On sunny lanes, over colourful alpine meadows, along verdant pastures, brilliantly in the vertical, in a climbing parcours, and on secured fixed-rope routes - the ZugspitzLand can come up with alpine experiences of all kinds and of all standards. Everywhere you will find cosy alpine inns inviting you for a delicious and invigorating stop on your day trip. Those who like spending more time in the ZugspitzLand can use these places as stations in-between, on alpine tours of several days.

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