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The ZugspitzLand and its surroundings provide a wealth of rich cultural treasures. Its museums let you enter into new worlds and ancient times.

Nativity Scene Exhibition Oberau

krippenmuseum oberau

The Nativity Scene Exhibition „Krippenausstellung Oberau“ offers an impressive and fantastic journey back to the times of the birth of Jesus Christ and the most important stages of his life.
> to the Krippenausstellung Oberau


Museum of the History of the Werdenfels Region


The museum is accommodated in one of the oldest and most beautiful historic houses of Partenkirchen, at Ludwigstraße 47.
It contains extraordinary furnishings from old farm houses ranging from sacral items, regional costumes, household goods and tools from local farms to old Werdenfels „Fastnachtslarven” (hand-carved masks donned during Carnival), just to name a few items you can look forward to.
Definitely a most rewarding visit!
> to the Werdenfelser Heimatmuseum


Aschenbrenner Museum

aschenbrenner museum

In the Aschenbrenner Museum, you will find an exquisite doll and porcelain collection exhibited in an area spanning some 300 m² (10.8 ft²). It also features a nativity scene exhibit housed in a modern new building. Barrier-free.
> to the Aschenbrenner Museum



RSI Ausstellung 9 385x190

Richard Strauss had a villa built in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1908, which soon became his and his family’s main residence – and remained to be so until he died in 1949. It is the venue of regular exhibitions and interesting lectures. Moreover, there is a treasure of selected Strauss literature and rare recordings.
> to the Richard-Strauss-Institut


Museum of Oberammergau’s History

oberammergau museum

The Passion Plays performed since 1634 and its woodcarvers have made Oberammergau famous all over the world. In the museum of local history, you can see an extensive collection of wood carvings, wooden toys, religious pictures, wax works, a large collection of nativity scenes, and a collection of reverse glass paintings.
> to the Heimatmuseum Oberammergau


The Museum in a Castle

schlossmuseum murnau

The works by Gabriele Münter and the artists of the “New Artists' Association of Munich “ and the “Blue Rider “, which succeeded in making the decisive breakthrough to a new expressive style of painting in this awe-inspiring landscape in 1908, are the main focus of this museum. The comprehensive collection of works of art by Gabriele Münter with over 80 paintings drawings, and graphics from the period of 1902 to shortly before her death in 1962 forms the core of the museum. Examples from all of Gabriele Münter’s phases of work can be found in the Castle Museum of Murnau.
> to the Schloßmuseum Murnau


Münter House


The Münter House, once home of the famous Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky. Gabriele Münter (1877-1962) and Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) lived in this house, also known as the “Russians’ House “, during the summer months from 1909 to 1914.
> to the Münter Haus


Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald

geigenbau museum mittenwald

The Violin Building Museum of Mittenwald is divided into two major topic areas: On the one hand, it shows the history of the town of Mittenwald, which is inextricably linked to violin building. On the other hand, it illustrates the development of local instrument building from Matthias Klotz to the present. The Violin Building Museum features a great variety of exhibits and houses approx. 200 instruments from all of Mittenwald’s workshops.
> to the Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald


The Glentleiten Open-Air Museum


We would like to invite you on an infinitely varied tour of the expansive outdoor museum with woods, meadows, and historic buildings and gardens. About 60 buildings – farms, mills, buildings from alpine pastures, workshops, and so much more – they have all been rebuilt here. Together with their complete furnishings, they convey a vivid picture of Upper Bavaria’s past which was predominated by farming.
> to the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum


Franz Marc Museum in Kochel am See

franz marc museum

The works by Franz Marc can be viewed in new perspectives in the modern exhibition building.
> to the Franz Marc Museum


Deutsches Museum in Munich

deutsches museum

...all about masterpieces of science and technology
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