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The ZugspitzLand does not only offer tradition and customs, great festivities and celebrations; there is also a variety of concerts, museums, exhibitions, and theater events focussing on different topics that can be enjoyed by the visitors, too.

Listen carefully to the sounds and interpretations of fabulous artists at the Richard Strauss Festival in June.

Concerts of the spa orchestra take place until September in the picturesque resorts of the ZugspitzLand against the wonderful scenery and setting of the Wetterstein mountain range.

And there are more museums and exhibitions of various topics and focus.

Our Precious Heritage

Brauchtum - Tracht, Mundart

At the foot of Mount Zugspitze, where customs, dialect, traditional garb and religious belief are still so vital and vibrant, the local Werdenfels people cherish their tradition and cultural heritage. The course of the year is closely connected with church festivals. With a lot of love and care we celebrate each holiday, for example, the Christian Feast of Corpus Christi, church services on the mountains, St.John´s fires in midsummer, the celebration of herbs or “Kirchweih”, the annual church anniversary.

Genuine and authentic heritage can be experienced in richly decorated festival tents and on wood parties as well as in folk theater performances organized by the local folklore societies. Enjoy our good Bavarian beer and a typical Bavarian meal while watching traditional dancing like the “Schuhplattler”. Carnival is a spooky season, when colorful creatures in patchwork clothes and with carved wooden masks haunt the ZugspitzLand. But don’t be afraid! Those strangely dancing and hopping creatures with their loud copper bells are peaceful; they only want to chase winter away. By the way: This maskerade is a special custom in our region and – like almost all carnival customs – goes back to pre-Christian times.

Clothes make the man! On holidays and often also on working days, the Werdenfels people wear their traditional garb, so that the traditional lederhosen with their embroidered braces and beautiful dirndl dresses can be seen everywhere.

Guests from far and wide are welcome when the locals cherish their customs and traditions. Join in the celebration:

During a pleasant come-together you might learn interesting stories of our region.


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